Sidney | Class of 2021

Reasons to live, give reasons to die ~ The Hate U Give

Taking photos during COVID times means planning ahead for more remote locations, always masking and asking others to do so (seniors, parents and make-up artists always comply, which is GREAT), and just remembering to have FUN (and avoid bugs and bees!). Sidney and her crew made it easy. By the way, isn’t she lovely?

Getting to Know Sidney:

Hometown: Ashland

High School: Southern Boone

Three words that describe me are energetic, silly, empathetic.

One thing people don’t know about me: I’m a perfectionist.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been? Isla Mujeres Mexico, because I went scuba diving at the museum under water.

Favorite food: black olives 

Describe your perfect day: sleep in, dress cute, spend the day with my friends shopping. No budget.

If we never had this current pandemic, COVID-19, what would you be doing or wanting to do? If COVID never happened, we would be planning our trip to Guam in December to see my brother in the Navy. But now we can’t go.

Plans after graduation: I wanna be a nurse practitioner.

We postponed Sidney’s session until her braces were off (her request), but I think she’s so photogenic that it wouldn’t have mattered. Thank you SIDNEY for being a great senior rep for 2Rtist Photography. Have a healthy and wonderful senior year! Also, thank you to Dymund, MUA, for her cosmetics talent! As always, thank you Matt for your assistance, perfect behind the scenes photography, and lighting. xo Ren

Thanks again, Michele! ;)

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