groovin in the sun

  1. Brennan | Class of 2022

    2021-09-18 16:55:00 UTC
    I took a long hiatus with the building of our new home, so I was very excited to start fall senior sessions with Brennan. We had a perfect, early fall-like day, and Brennan was so natural and easy going — such a nice evening Getting to Know BRENNAN: Hometown: Columbia,…

  2. Mia | Class of 2021

    2020-11-09 02:54:55 UTC
    Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar ~Where the Crawdads Sing Taken from one of my favorite books, it seems so appropriate for this soaring senior. We had a lovely fall day with this gorgeous senior, MIA. …

  3. Ezra | Class of 2021

    2020-10-30 01:22:59 UTC
    Courage does not erase our fears,courage is when we face our fears.~ We had a really nice time hanging out with Ezra and her mom for Ezra’s senior session. They wanted photos with her pointe shoes and fall leaves, lots of leaves. So I had her twirling at my friend’s…

  4. Kayla | Class of 2021

    2020-10-18 22:25:00 UTC
    You miss 100% of the shots you never take. ~ Getting to Know Kayla: Hometown: Ashland, MO High School: Southern Boone High School Three words that describe me are outgoing, driven, brave. One thing people don’t know about me: I’m left-handed. Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been?

  5. Ela Turns One | Birthday Cake Smash

    2020-10-10 16:25:26 UTC
    What a gorgeous day for a birthday cake smash. Mama Caitlin provided the lovely hydrangea from her own garden, while Ela showed up in her crown and delicately showed us how it’s done Thank you Caitlin for entrusting 2Rtist Photography with your most precious moments. Happy birthday, sweet ELA! xo…

  6. Sidney | Class of 2021

    2020-10-08 03:42:42 UTC
    Reasons to live, give reasons to die ~ The Hate U Give Taking photos during COVID times means planning ahead for more remote locations, always masking and asking others to do so (seniors, parents and make-up artists always comply, which is GREAT), and just remembering to have FUN (and avoid…

  7. Collin | Class of 2021

    2020-09-28 21:49:00 UTC
    Life is too Important to be taken seriously.~ Two things I love: 1) When I get to photograph a sibling of a previous senior that I’ve photographed and 2) When they bring their fur baby to the session. Collin is a sweet guy; he didn’t mind sharing the spotlight. We…

  8. Nina | Class of 2021

    2020-09-12 13:15:16 UTC
    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ~ Barack Obama I’ve had the pleasure of working with three seniors from the same family, different years. Nina is…

  9. Jacob | Class of 2021

    2020-09-02 05:06:24 UTC
    If you don’t live for something,you’ll die for nothing.~ 2020 has slowed things down for most of us. Summer plans crept slowly and suddenly, it’s almost fall. So when I met up with Jacob, who was refreshing and ready for his session, it was great to be back, mask and…

  10. Max | Class of 2020

    2020-03-29 14:22:00 UTC
    FIDO (Forget it, Drive on) ~ Coach Greer This is normally the time I start gearing up for a new senior season. Before planning the Class of 2021 schedule, I was able to have this session with Max, my last Class of 2020 senior, before the quarantine went into effect.…

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