Owen | Class of 2022

Getting to Know OWEN:

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Three words that describe me are loyal, social, adventurous.

One thing people don’t know about me: I’m comfortable getting around in large cities that I’m not familiar with. They’re fun to explore.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been? Costa Rica for its amazing wildlife, fresh food and beautiful geography.

Favorite food: This is tough. Probably stir fry or tacos.

Describe your perfect day: Spending time outdoors doing something active with friends, followed by a nice dinner that I cooked.

What is one thing that you are passionate about? I love to cook and prepare meals for people, including my family and friends.

Plans after graduation: I’m working on plans now, and I am looking at out-of-state colleges.

Stacey, thank you for reaching out to me and supporting 2Rtist Photography. Owen is such a natural, and those EYES — definitely like his mama! I only wish I knew he worked at two of my favorite, local restaurants (as a cook/chef) before the session, so we could have taken photos there and sampled some good eats. No, really. Owen, I wish you the BEST in your senior year and with your exciting, future goals. xo Ren

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