Max | Class of 2020

FIDO (Forget it, Drive on) ~ Coach Greer

This is normally the time I start gearing up for a new senior season. Before planning the Class of 2021 schedule, I was able to have this session with Max, my last Class of 2020 senior, before the quarantine went into effect. So it was fun but bittersweet to start a season and end it on the same day. We had a nice spring day, and Max and his mom were the perfect social-distancing pair to be with.

Getting to Know MAX:

Hometown: Columbia, MO

High School: Hickman High School

Three words that describe me are confident, hard-headed, fun-loving.

One thing people don’t know about me: I’m a beekeeper.

Where is the most interesting place that you’ve ever been? Yellowstone National Park. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Favorite food: Chicken

Describe your perfect day: Workout in the morning, fish the rest of the day.

Best high school memory: 2018 Hickman baseball state run

If we never had this current pandemic, COVID-19, what would you be doing or wanting to do? Playing baseball in Alabama

Plans after graduation: Excellent question

This is a really interesting time and my heart goes out to the Class of 2020 – Staying hopeful for you all to have a wonderful and healthy year! Beth and Max, we’ve had this in the works since last fall, so I’m happy we were able to make it happen! THANK YOU for reaching out to 2Rtist Photography and working closely with me. We had a great time and I will never forget my little adventure involving the chain-link fence. LOL. xo Ren

Behind the scenes — Thank you MATT always, for the best assisting, lighting, and  keeping it very social (from afar)!

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